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Vatel was founded in 1981 because of one reality: the hospitality industry was thriving, with deep changes and brand globalization was at its very beginnings, as was an overturn in the way hotels would be managed and the jobs that would be required to do this.


The first Vatel School thus opened in Paris with a unique and fundamental educational method: having theoretical courses followed by a professional experience using what had been learned in class. To achieve this, each Vatel School had an application restaurant and/or hotel right on the Campus where students could check their knowledge through professional application of it with real customers.


Thus, for 35 years now, new Vatel Schools with their own hotels and restaurants, true facilities enabling students to test their operational and managerial skills throughout the entire academic year, have been opening their doors all over the world.


  • Vatel Schools train department managers (Bachelor’s degree) and senior executives (Master’s degree) in the international hospitality sector; 
  • Vatel restaurants and brasseries promote French gastronomy in the Americas, in Asia, in Africa and in Europe;
  • Vatel Hotels and Spas, all with a four-star rating, host vacationers and businessmen alike, constantly promoting the French art of hospitality.

Last but not least, the Group has just created two new concept:

Vatel now has 31 Schools, 7,000 students and 29,000 alumni who are a living proof of the sucess of its teaching concept and make up the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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Vatel has been training operation managers and senior executives in the International Hotel and Tourism Management industry for 35 years. Our know-how and expertise in educational engineering are unique in the global market of higher education.

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