Vatel Spirit

The Vatel Spirit

The Vatel Spirit

What is Vatel’s mission?

What is Vatel’s goal?

Faculty members working in synergism


Vatel’s mission: Preparing the next generation to build their own future in the international tourism and hospitality industry.

For the past 20 years, tourism has been thriving. In spite of economic, political and social crises, it remains a sound long-term investment.             

The World Tourism Organization long term forecasts prove this:

  • The number of international tourists throughout the world will rise by 3.3% per year between 2010 and 2030 to reach 1.8 billion in 2030;
  • Between 2010 and 2030, the number of arrivals to emerging destinations will increase twice as fast (+4.4% per year) as those in mature economies (+ 2.2% per year);
  • Market share held by emerging economies grew from 30 to 47% between 1980 and 2012, and is expected to reach 57% by 2030, thus equaling over a billion international tourists who will be coming.

Consequently, international hotel groups must continue to expand in the entire world.

To support their growth, they need operation managers and senior executives who are able to work in multicultural contexts and lead teams composed of employees of many different nationalities. They are looking for young and responsible graduates, who have not only acquired knowledge from a famous business school, but also the know-how and people-oriented skills that are so important in the hospitality industry.

On a global scale, hotel groups have two very different ways of management:

  •  European management.  It is based on two centuries of history in the hospitality field. It is focused on  service quality and guest satisfaction. It takes into account all the cultural aspects of the guest, the country in which the hotel is located as well as the personnel it employs.
  •  Anglo-Saxon management.  Much more recent, it is based on achieving financial results and highlights procedures that employees must follow.

Vatel has chosen to teach the European management method thus transmitting the French art of hospitality, recognized throughout the world as a guarantee of quality, good taste and excellence.

Vatel’s goal: The success of its students

  • Increasing their skills and know-how;
  • Giving them the tools they need to reach their professional goals;
  • Teaching classes which respond to expectations in the hospitality industry.

All Vatel courses and methods have thus been designed to reach this goal.

The Vatel Spirit, values for life.

 The Vatel Spirit is based on five elements:

  • Forming close links between students and their Vatel School which promises to teach them the methods of succeeding in their future professional activities.
  •  Creating dynamic learning conditions that allow students:
     - to progressively acquire theoretical knowledge and then put it into practice and use it in their internships,
     - to be capable of building their own professional projects.
  • Conveying know-how that puts students in the very heart of professional reality, allowing them to experience all the details of tasks they’ll be doing or managing when they graduate.
  •  Introducing them to hospitality related specific skills and values through a dress code, language, a warm and welcoming attitude, respect for others, open-mindedness to other cultures and good linguistic skills.
  • Supporting close relationships with hospitality and tourism specialists through meetings, participation in forums and becoming a part of the dynamic network made up of 30,000 Vateliens.

Faculty members working in synergism

Vatel Group faculty members include an equal number of professors having taught in universities and professionals in the hospitality industry.
They all convey their knowledge, their know-how and passion. They keep up on the latest innovations both in terms of educational techniques and professional techniques. Thanks to their interactive methods, which mirror reality in the workplace, they give students the resources to develop their analytical capacities, acquire knowledge that is necessary in hotel and tourism management while having managerial experience in real time conditions.

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