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Vatel franchises, a flexible and solid contractual relationship

A franchising agreement is a partnership where you are supported by tried and tested experience and a large network. Accompanied on a daily basis by the Corporate team and other schools, franchisees nonetheless are independent. 

Vatel franchisees enjoy many advantages as soon as their schools open:

  • an internationally recognized brand;
  • tried and tested know-how;
  • a dedicated team of experts;
  • initial and continuous training;
  • personalized communication and management tools;
  • a network that is always expanding;
  • an annual international convention.

As a Vatel franchisee, you will also be a Vatel brand ambassador in your region for local decision-makers and instituions. 

Who can become a Vatel franchisee?

The diversity of profiles for franchisees is one of the keys to Vatel Group’s success. This is why we do not have a typical profile. Nonetheless, in our network, we have noted many of the following profiles:

  • Owners of hospitality schools;
  • Directors of schools of higher education;
  • Hotel managers;
  • Investors;
  • Entrepreneurs.

This plurality is a true asset for our Group for many reasons: 

  • profitability of investments;
  • multiplication and diversification of educational offers;
  • personnel fulfillment of all Vatel employees who work hard so their students will succeed. 

All Vatel Group members work with the same goal: succeeding together. 

Devenez partenaire Vatel
Become a partner of Vatel
A thriving economic sector, a unique educational concept, a brand professionals acclaim, a Group constantly innovating... For the past 20 years Vatel has shared its success and international development with franchisees who open Vatel Schools throughout the world.

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Vatel International Research Center in Hotel and Tourism Management

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