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Learning how to exceed the profession's expectations

Vatel cultivates the qualities required to be a good professional in the hospitality industry: being fluent in foreign languages, knowing how to work with other cultures... Hoteliers are attracted by Vatel students’ resumes, as Vateliens can tell us.

Learning how to exceed the profession's expectations

"As a Vatel alumnus, I know the strong points its students have."

“As part of my job as the HR Deputy Manager at The Peninsula Paris, I often speak at Vatel schools and other hospitality schools, to present the Peninsula Group and its career opportunities. I myself am a Vatel Paris alumnus and I have to say that its students do have specific qualities. 

Their strong points?

  • They have an international mindset
  • They have experience in foreign countriesduring their schooling
  • They speak English and often a third language
  • They are extremely open-minded

And with specialized MBAs, we can recruit profiles adapted to both functions and cultures, for instance the United States’. And I know that their courses, given by professionals, are based on realities and expectations in our industry.”

Nicolas Tessier

Human Resources Deputy Manager, The Peninsula Paris

A 2005 Vatel Paris alumnus

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The dual influence of the uniform

“In every place I’ve worked, I’ve noticed how much everyone appreciates Vatel students and how much the hospitality industry trusts the quality of their courses. The fact that these students wear a uniform has something to do with this. It’s unbelievable! Maybe students don’t realize this, but they get used to wearing the clothing that is the best adapted to job interviews, which puts them at the head of the list during interviews.”


Josefina Coleman

Revenue Manager, Andaz Mayakoba (Mexico)

A 2012 Vatel Buenos Aires alumnus


"I totally recognize myself in Vatel students." 

“I’m from Cyprus and work there at the Four Seasons Hotel. I studied at Vatel Paris and I worked for Mavrommatis Paris for twelve years. I go to France twice a year to meet the heads of study and short-list students who might be interested in doing an internship in the hotel I manage. We host second and third-year students the entire year for six months, who are doing internships for their Bachelor and their MBA degrees. It’s certainly the only hotel in Cyprus that recruits their interns in France."


Costas Nicolaou

Operations Manager, Four Seasons Hotel, Cyprus 

A 1993 Vatel Paris alumnus


Read his Success story here

Costas Nicolaou obtained the Vatel MBA in International Hotel Management with the Validation of Prior Professional Experience (VAE) procedure.

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