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Thousands of publications, just a click away

Every day, Vatel students and instructors prepare for class, study, and fan the flames of their curiosity, thanks to the cutting-edge digital library provided by the ScholarVox platform. Come right this way for digital access to knowledge!

Thousands of publications, just a click away

For Teachers

Since 2012, Vatel professors have been able to rely on the ScholarVox library to prepare their lessons, review the latest news in publications in their domains, and develop their expertise. 

In addition, class reading lists also make use of the written works available here. This guarantees students a way to easily found all of the references they need for each assignment. 

For Students

Not to be outdone, Vatel students also have access to manuals, essays and periodicals, to help them study, refine their knowledge and indulge their curiosity. With the digitization of lessons, this platform is a key tool for students to learn, read and discover at their own pace... without having to worry about hold lists at the library!

1,001 things to read 

By logging into their personal accounts, professors and students can access thousands of books and documents in English and French, at any time, and read them on their computers and tablets:

  • for knowledge: practical and theoretical books
  • for relaxation: novels
  • for Curiosity: various trade periodicals

Need to prepare for a geopolitics class? Clarify some marketing concepts? Peruse a must-read tax manual? The ScholarVox library is continuously enriched with new titles, so each center of interest can be fueled by the latest available publications.

A community of good advice

With functionality inspired by social networks, ScholarVox offers everyone:

  • personalized bookshelves where they can store their selection of books, which they can choose to share with the whole community, if they like;
  • reading suggestions on a particular subject;
  • the possibility of posting comments and recommendations for books.

Like your favorite music  

Playlists, reading recommendations and saved searches on ScholarVox make it easy to navigate and allow both professors and students to follow their own preferences.

Like a printed book  

The content can, of course, be read online in full, and anyone can add a bookmark or reading notes, when logged into their account. And, like with a real book, you can print out the excerpts of your choosing. 

Photo: Books © Abhi Sharma / Flickr

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