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Eurhodip, serving professors and students

Eurhodip has federated schools and universities teaching hotel and tourism management, for nearly 30 years. In the association’s last board meeting, where Vatel Group is a key player, new approaches were set forth.

Eurhodip, serving professors and students

Eurhodip, an international association supporting teaching and training in the hospitality, catering and tourism industries, now has 180 members in over 35 countries. By federating schools and universities in the hospitality industry, it promotes European cultures throughout the world, supports tomorrow’s professionals in the field, and monitors the key developments in this sector.

Supporting its new president, Luis de Lezama Barañano, the new Board of Directors includes several Vatel Group representatives:

  • Alain Sebban, President and Founder of Vatel Group - Honorary President of the Eurhodip Board of Directors
  • Henri Magne, Alain Sebban’s Advisor - Vice-President of the Eurhodip Board of Directors
  • Karine Benzazon, General Manager of Vatel Lyon and Vatel Nimes
  • Dov Sebban, General Director of Vatel Paris and Vatel Brussels
  • Benjamin Garcia, the Vatel Group Academic Director 
  • Ali Doğan Çamak, the Vatel Cyprus Director
  • Pierre-Antoine Dubuis, the Vatel Switzerland Head of Studies

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Photo: the new Eurhodip Board of Directors - DR

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