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“A management auditor doesn’t just do audits”

Let’s meet Emmanuelle Bachelier, a 2015 alumnus and the Purchasing Comptroller at the legendary Crillon Hotel.

“A management auditor doesn’t just do audits”

In the hospitality industry, I discovered interesting lines of work and great people”
After having studied international trade, I wanted to specialize with a Bachelor’s in Luxury Goods Management. After having done an internship in a jewelry shop, which was interesting, I wanted to do something else and my school recommended the hospitality industry. I discovered an interesting environment where everyone does their very best for the hotels where they work. They were able to convey their enthusiasm and their know-how to me and thanks to them, I discovered all the different kinds of work there are in hospitality: a revelation! So I enrolled in Vatel Paris and graduated in 2015 with an MBA in International Hotel Management.

“There are no linear careers in hospitality”
I tried out different kinds of work in hotel management and this is one of the things I like about this industry. Because I discovered all the departments a hotel has to understand how it is managed, how it builds its development strategy, etc., I was able to determine which field suited me the best.

“A management auditor doesn’t just do audits”
I like my job as a management auditor because I work with both support departments and operational teams. Every day is different and I do lots of different missions: controlling the income from each department, setting up assessment tools, carrying out inventory, etc. A management auditor also has support tasks: of course I audit, but I also help out those working in operations, which is very important, from my point of view. We have to set up solutions to facilitate the day-to-day life of operational employees and help the hotel increase its profits: so we also take part in increasing the turn-over in our hotel. It’s really exciting!

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