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Will a Vatelien soon be the best receptionist in the world?

When she graduated with her Bachelor from Vatel Switzerland in 2015, could Florence Delhaise have imagined that she would win, just two years later, the Bucherer Trophy for the best receptionist? Of course not. On November 11th however...

Will a Vatelien soon be the best receptionist in the world?

Awarded each year by the Swiss section of the International Association for Deputy Managers and Front Office Managers of Luxury Hotels (AICR), the Bucherer Trophy invites 12 receptionists from Switzerland and Haute-Savoie to compete against each other in this friendly contest.
This is how Florence Delhaise, a Vatel Switzerland alumnus, won the 23rd Bucherer Trophy. A victory on the home field, as the competition took place at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, where she works.
“This competition is a great showcase for our hotel. It also pays tribute to the training that I had when I started here, as an intern,” she explained. Her first job, on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, where she now has the title of best receptionist in Switzerland.
And who knows, perhaps later the best receptionist in the world? This trophy is the key that will take her to the very international David Campbell Trophy. Designed to pay tribute to a legendary Chef de Reception at the Ritz Paris, each year this trophy is awarded to the best receptionist in the world.

From the Bucherer Trophy...

“The hotel management chose from volunteers, the person that would represent our hotel. Then AICR also carried out its own selection, based on resumes and cover letters each person wrote,” said the winner.
The actual competition then started, with three different contests

  • A personal interview with members of the jury, to assess the candidate’s ability to be the AICR International Ambassador; 
  • Role-play for about fifteen minutes, showing how a demanding situation is dealt with. Candidates are judged on their ability to manage the situation calmly, tactfully and politely;
  • A written test to assess the candidate’s overall knowledge in hospitality.

“When you’re a receptionist, you must be flexible and adaptable, and we proved this once again with a surprise performance: in the awards ceremony, we replayed and mocked the role-playing simulation imposed in this competition. Though we had a technical issue, we continued: the audience loved this and once again, we showed that we could adapt ourselves to all types of situations in all circumstances,” she concluded proudly.

... to the David Campbell Trophy:

Selection criteria are globally the same as those in the Bucherer Trophy. I prepare myself with the help of Ottavia Polloni (Four Seasons Des Bergues Hotels, Geneva), who won the Bucherer Trophy last year, and Najib Arayer, president of AICR Switzerland. My colleagues and senior management of the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace also support me in all occasions,” explained Florence Delhaise.

Proud of this trophy which award excellence and passion for the hospitality industry, Vatel warmly supports the candidacy of Florence Delhaise in the David Campbell Trophy. See you in Zurich in January 2018!

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