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Vatel students take on the Eurhodip Start-Up Challenge

With the Eurhodip Start-Up Challenge, international teams of students compete to imagine tomorrow’s hospitality and tourism industries. Let's discover this experience of creative brainstorming with Vatel students.

Vatel students take on the Eurhodip Start-Up Challenge

Eurhodip, an international association supporting higher education and training in the hospitality, restaurant services and tourism industries, held its 24th conference in October, in Seville, with the theme, “Cultural and Patrimonial Tourism - new corporate models for the 21st century.”

A brand-new competition saw the light of the day during this conference, to allow the emergence of forward-looking companies: the Start-Up Challenge, designed to allow students to apply what they’re learning in their courses. For two complete days, 11 international teams made up of several dozen students tested their innovative ideas.A great opportunity to meet future colleagues and to experience what their futures will be like in a multicultural universe.

Working in groups, speaking in front of people, solving problems...: this is what entrepreneurs do every day, condensed into a few hours, and this is what the candidates experienced.They were supported by teachers, speakers, and Eurhodip members in drawing up their business models: precise projects, that, who knows, could actually be rolled out in the future.

Vatel was well represented in this Start-Up Challenge, with 16 international students from Nimes and students from other schools in our group, such as Stepan Pityukov, from Vatel Moscow. Students, who had worked on this project for several months, had to apply by means of a video.Those who were selected traveled to Seville to imagine tomorrow’s hospitality and tourism industries, while taking advantage to this beautiful and sunny Andalusian city. What was the common denominator of all the ideas that Vatel students had? Projects that blended the hospitality industry and new technologies: Stepan Pityukov and his team came in second, with a 360° video project allowing future clients to do virtual hotel tours before booking. 

But it was an object that people use every day that the jury chose for their 1st prize in the Start-Up Challenge and the winner was the Spoongar project, headed by Spanish students: a small spool that already contains the sugar that people put in their coffee.

See you next year for even more innovative projects!

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