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Vatel students welcome Malginfs

They’ve arrived! The four student nurses Vatel is supporting kicked off their international humanitarian internship by stopping by at Vatel Madagascar.

Vatel students welcome Malginfs

Lea, Elodie, Jeanne and Noemi left on February 5th in the morning and arrived that very evening in Antananarivo, where students and the educational team from Vatel Madagascar welcomed them.

They left two days later for St. Marie Island, where they will be spending several weeks at the hospital before going to the Zazakely orphanage.




Who are these Malginfs?

Nurse Malginf in MadagascarElodie: jovial, frank and sincere, she has the gift of communicating her good humor to her patients as well as her colleagues.  As Elodie had already gone to Burkina Faso when she was studying to be a pharmacy technician, her goal is to learn how to use new health care techniques requiring less material resources.

Lea: sweet, calm and available, Lea is the spitting image of the nurse everyone would like to have. Her goal in this adventure? Having privileged and deep relationships with each and every patient.

Noemi: dynamic, curious and a dreamer, this pretty redhead with a fiery character only wants one thing: to feel useful during this entire adventure and to come back home with even more multiple skills.

Jeanne: fearless, demanding and thorough, this nurse’s grand-daughter dreams of being a nurse in the armed forces and going on international missions. A complete change of scenery and cultural enrichment are the two elements she is hoping for in this adventure.


Nurse Malginf ....

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