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Julie, what do you do at the Rosewood in London?

The “Guest Service Relations” job exists in most lines of work. But what is it like in the hospitality industry?

Julie, what do you do at the Rosewood in London?

After having spent four years at Vatel Lyon, Julie Tondeur decided to end her schooling with the MBA Specialization of Luxury Goods Management at Vatel Paris.

As soon as she graduated, she was hired as the Hotel Rosewood’s Guest Relations Officer, one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in England. 

From check-in to check-out, in my job I transform our guests’ stays into unforgettable experiences and I create, and of course maintain, a relationship of trust between us and our guests.

In January, 2016, I was appointed to be our department’s trainer, which means I also have the following missions:

  • completely training our new employees and
  • setting up role playing games, quizzes, etc.

I’m also a Room Controller, when needed. This consists in:

  • preparing the check-ins for our guests
  • attributing rooms to them and 
  • making sure that everything they’ve requested is there.


Innate qualities and skills to be acquired

“The hospitality industry is a field where passion and exigency are required, and this is especially true in the luxury brand sector. These are qualities that can’t be learned, they have to be innate, just like the sense of serving others, which means being a good listener, understanding and even anticipating what others would like.

After that, there are skills that must be acquired, and then honed, and those are things that Vatel teaches us like autonomy, versatility and taking initiatives. A hotel with 306 rooms like the Rosewood requires a lot of reactivity and quick decision-making!

The hospitality industry is a field that requires a lot of personal commitment but in return, it’s one that provides a huge amount of satisfaction and where you meet so many fantastic people.”  Julie Tondeur

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