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From Nimes to New Delhi

An Indian flavored 2nd year at Vatel: that’s what Claire de Piero, who went to India this summer and who will soon be leaving for Goa for her internship, is having.

From Nimes to New Delhi

What’s the name of a student who begins her Bachelor in one Vatel School, then leaves to go to another campus in her 2nd year, then who comes back to her home school for her 3rd year?

A Marco Polo student, who, like Claire de Piero, began her studies at Vatel Nimes, then went to India for her 2nd year at Vatel New Delhi.


“What an opportunity it was that Vatel had opened a school in India in 2015, but above all, that we were able to apply to this school right from the very beginning.

Studying in New Delhi seemed too good to miss for me:

  • to improve my English,
  • to open my mindset to another mentality,
  • to learn new customs,
  • to learn more about a very specific Asian culture,
  • to experience a brand-new management style.

On the picture, I’m with my Vatel New Delhi classmates in a fashion walk that one of the hotels where we do our professional application weeks, the Roseate House Hotel. “ Claire de Piero

Claire in Vatel India

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