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Long term strategy and daily operations

Communication about the services of one of the most beautiful hotels in Marrakesh is Virginie’s, a 2011 alumnus, full time job.

Long term strategy and daily operations

Virginie Vaillant, a Vatel Lyon and Vatel Los Angeles alumnus, is the Communication and Public Relations Director of the Marrakesh Four Seasons Resort. 

She’ll tell us about her job and life in the “Red City.”

“Each year I draw up the communication / public relations plan for the hotel and I roll out these tools using different sectors of activities on a daily basis:

-          Domestic and international press kits: visits from journalists and bloggers, writing press releases and press kits.

-          Public relations: participating in events organized by local Marrakesh tourism stakeholders.

-          Community Management: managing the hotel’s social networking sites.

-          Digital marketing: managing the internet site and e-mailing campaigns.

-          Marketing and advertising: drawing up and sending out promotional tools such as brochures, flyers, promotions at the restaurant or spa, etc.

-          Internal communication: spreading the Four Seasons’ values and philosophy throughout the hotel and in the city of Marrakesh.

For the moment, I work alone, though in close synergism with my counterpart at the Casablanca Four Seasons Hotel. Regional headquarters based in Dubai also give us a helping hand.

Marrakesh is a great place to live thanks to the climate and the warmth that Moroccans have. Their good humor spreads quickly.

I appreciate the fact that I’m close to Europe and at the same time, far away, as the culture, gastronomy and rhythms of life are all very different. When you live here, it’s like you’re always on vacation.”

=> Virginie talks about her days at school

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