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He founded his own Revenue Management company in Martinique

A Vatel 2012 alumnus, today Jean Baptiste Tourtelot exports his job to Martinique.

He founded his own Revenue Management company in Martinique

Just like when taking any trip, Jean-Baptiste Toutelot’s trip really begins when he acquires a global passport: his Vatel degree.

It recognizes the skills he has in the Hospitality and Tourism Management fields, as well as the specialization that he chose: Revenue Manager.

A job that he did for four years in Paris at Best Western and Accor that one that he was able to export to Martinique in 2015, where he founded his own Revenue Management company: JBT Consulting.


When he graduated from high school, Jean-Baptiste Toutelot began studying in a business school in order to specialize in Sales and Marketing. At the same time, he was promoted to the rank of Captain in a restaurant on the French Landes coast. And that’s where he decided that he would specialize in tourism. He began studying in Vatel in the Paris foundation year course.

"When we graduate from Vatel, we’re operational right from the very beginning, meaning we’re employable. That’s what sets us a step ahead of the others on the job market: young professionals with good theoretical knowledge as well as practical application experience. That’s the DNA making up Vateliens."

A 2012 MBA Vatel holder, he was hired by the American Best Western International group as a Revenue Manager. A job that fits him like a glove and highlights two key professional competences: multiple skill sets and curiosity. He has been working for the past three years in this job and has more responsibilities each year.

In tune with the market and very active on the network, he jumped at the opportunity to try a new more operational job: the Accor Multi-Hotel Revenue Manager, with the goal of selling 600 Ibis Paris hotel stays per day.


He exports his job to Martinique

JBTA year later, his partner landed a job in Martinique. Was this going to slow Jean-Baptiste down? Not in the least! The opportunity for him to start his own company and propose his skills in Revenue Management to hotel owners in the French Antilles and the Caribbean Area.

JBT Consulting was immediately successful as it gave hotel owners in the area the possibility of tailor-made solutions to increase their turnover. In particular:

  • training teams in Revenue Management,
  • setting up sales optimization procedures,
  • coaching employees in this field,
  • explaining what RM really is.

“I started my business because I had the skills to do so and I wanted to have my own company. The keys to success in our line of work are based on two principles:

  • our customers’ and employees’ trust,
  • our ability to adapt ourselves to a new professional and cultural environment.” JBT



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