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A Vatelien who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty

Emile’s goal upon graduation: selling the bread his family makes on their farm. This success is a dream come true.

A Vatelien who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty

Emile Wincour, the son of a farmer who became a miller before changing jobs to be a baker, has just finished his third year at Vatel with the goal of making his dream come trueselling the bread made on his family’s farm.


To accomplish this, he’s drawing upon everything he learned at Vatel: “my theoretical management courses and food hygiene courses are used on a daily basis,” as well as his other skills: “I learned a lot in my internships, such as patience, being on time and always doing a good job.  Generally speaking, Vatel taught me the importance of being precise and exacting and self-discipline. Qualities that are key in a bakery.”

Emile trained as a baker, and created a tasty bread, made from locally sourced products, which is cream colored.  What’s his secret? “My Vatel oenology courses triggered an awareness of assembly. Just like a wine-maker who assembles several different vintages, the secret of my bread lies in the alchemy of several different types of wheat.”

A pragmatic person, Emile first consolidated his delivery activities and became the preferred supplier for several restaurants, caterers, hotels and supermarkets in the neighborhood. His customer service was impeccable, orders were well managed and his products sold out... like hot cakes.


A bakery in the heart of Paris

His brother Jules decided to join him and together they opened up the first Emile & Jules shop in the 17th district of Paris. It was like coming back home for Emile, as this shop is located just a few minutes from his former campus.

Shortly after opening, they were all over in the papers.  On February 6, 2015, French Elle magazine even wrote that “some fans go all the way across Paris to buy bread.” And there’s good news, as they’ll be opening up a second shop within the next few months!

“Our customers are there because our bread is good of course, but also because of our transparency on what goes into it. Everyone today is concerned about traceability, and customers appreciate the fact that we source 100% of our products locally. This is why the signs and our shop as well as our Internet site both have pictures of our farm and fields.”


And the star in the bakery is Emile’s “signature bread,” called oreiller or “pillow” bread in English, which lasts up to five days.

Heading a team of 17, Emile never hesitates himself to get his hands dirty making bread with them, thus ensuring a friendly and motivational atmosphere.        

“Vatel exports the French art of hospitality and I export my country into the heart of Paris.  We both share the goal of excellence and like Vatel, my company’s goal is to convey knowledge, as we regularly work with apprentices in the bakery.” EW


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