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A second Vatel Campus opens in California

After Vatel Los Angeles in 2008, the second Vatel Campus in the US will open in San Diego.

A second Vatel Campus opens in California

Strengthening its presence in California, where a Vatel Campus has been open in Los Angeles since 2008, is for the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management, bringing an answer to a two-pronged need: that of young students who want to attend a local school, and that of the hotel management profession, which would like to hire its employees directly from the geographic zone where it is located. With this in mind, Rodrigue Colaianni, the Vatel Los Angeles Director, has announced the opening of the Vatel San Diego Campus, in a partnership with the California International Business University, known as CIBU.

As of September, 2015, the first Vatel San Diego students will be starting classes for their Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management as well as their MBA in International Hotel Management, two French State- certified degrees. Following the example of their Vatel Los Angeles neighbors, these students will have the opportunity of taking two different kinds of courses: learning American methods of hotel management as well as the key rules in the famous French art of hospitality.

These degrees target a booming field and one where local and international job markets are still growing: during the past 60 years, tourism has been expanding and continually diversifying until it has become one of the most important and most dynamic economic sectors in the world. According to the publication of the WTO’s “Tourism Towards 2030” article, which gives long-term outlooks, the number of international tourists throughout the world will increase by 3.3% per year.

Opening this new School in the United States thus continues the great idea of our President and Founder of Vatel Group, Alain Sebban: exporting a curriculum and the French art of hospitality throughout the world and training students in their home countries. In thirty years the Group has trained 27.000 Vateliens to have successful careers any place in the world and has opened Schools on four continents, training Vatel 7,000 students each and every year.

Vatel San Diego opening    

In the presence of the French General Consul, Mr. Axel Cruau, the partnership between Vatel and the CIBU was signed on March 25, in the prestigious Jonathan Club in Los Angeles. “Thanks to our partnership with the CIBU, our expertise in hospitality and our privileged relationships with partner hotels in the United States, Vatel will be able to train a new generation of managers and senior executives for tomorrow’s hospitality industry.” Rodrigue Colaianni.

 Photo : San Diego, the eighth largest American city, is known for its pleasant weather, its white sand beaches and its deep water port.



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