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Tales of a Marco Polo trip

Gauthier Gibelin tells us about his Marco Polo year at Vatel Buenos Aires

Tales of a Marco Polo trip

 “All international Hospitality specialists say the same thing: in our line of work, you have to be curious, determined, and speak as many languages as possible. Going to the Vatel Buenos Aires Campus in my second year allowed me to hone these three skills, as well as expanding my personal experience. Of course, at the beginning, I was a bit lost, because this is a big city, with a population of 15 million, a different culture and the Argentinian accent when speaking Spanish, but the School was there to help me out and my classmates also did everything possible so I would get this most out of this. I became more mature, with a more open mind, more proactivity, and increased work stamina. This is what helped me gain additional responsibilities in the internship I did in Uruguay, near Punta del Este, a Latin American luxury seaside resort. Hotel guests were mostly American, and this also helped me make a lot of progress in English, while experiencing another type of management, which was more Anglo-Saxon. I came back to my Vatel Home School for my third year, but also with job offers in Argentinia and in Uruguay. For the meanwhile, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but I’m sure of one thing - this Marco Polo experience brought me one step closer to becoming an executive in hotel management.”

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