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In Jean-Baptiste Lavenir’s eyes

Bachelor Vatel graduate, Jean-Baptiste Lavenir will give us his point of view on his new job as a Junior Portfolio Analyst at Metis, a company located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In Jean-Baptiste Lavenir’s eyes

Just graduated from the first Vatel Switzerland Bachelor’s Degree class, Jean-Baptiste Lavenir will give us his point of view on his courses, his experience and his new job as a Junior Portfolio Analyst at Metis, a company located in Lausanne, Switzerland.


What would you like to say about Vatel?

Vatel has a very pragmatic educational philosophy that allows students to regularly check their theoretical knowledge by confronting it with practical work and internships. These internships give us the opportunity of establishing priceless professional networks. I’ve got so many fond memories of these three years that it’s hard to tell you about them all. We cried and we laughed, but the most important thing is that we created a family!


What would you like to say about your Swiss and Russian internships?

Russia and Switzerland both share the same demanding eye for details in luxury goods. So that means that my practical work followed in the same footsteps. My first internship in Switzerland in the President Wilson Hotels & Resorts was my first contact with a very high level luxury hotel, thus requiring a lot of discipline. A springboard for my second internship in the Moscow Ritz Carlton where I had to learn to live with other priorities, in another language while continuing to work with extremely demanding customers. I learned a lot!


What would you like to say about the French “art of hospitality?”

The French art of hospitality is above all the art of welcoming and adapting oneself to each and every guest. Everything that Vatel teaches is based on this art. They teach us all the theoretical know-how involved in this art, but also many people-oriented skills, which take a lot longer to learn.


What would you like to say about your job?

I work for Metis, a financial company specialized in private asset management, services for independent wealth managers, as well as real estate financing for private individuals.

My duties in this company are quite varied: I meet our customers and assess their requirements, whether it is to finance real estate or for asset management. Our company always offers its customers a completely personalized service. After that, with our team, we put in place a strategy of asset allocation - in the framework of equity management - and we also propose financing for those who would like to take out a real estate loan, always depending on that person’s profile. Once our customers have put everything in place and validated it, we roll it out and ensure the follow-up.


What would you like to say about Swiss hotels?

Swiss hotels mirror our country: they are small, but succeed brilliantly in spite of a strong Swiss franc and a weak European economy. They fascinate me because there are few other countries that have so many palaces that are managed by the same family. I do believe, however, that we have to be careful not to lose this competitive advantage and keep our eyes open to other parts of the world that are progressing quickly, such as Asia, where innovation in this field never stops.

And here, Vatel Switzerland is a good example, for in only four years, this School made a name for itself in the hotel management school market, where there was a lot of competition.


What would you like to say about the future?

In the short term I’d like to gain more experience in my current job, to allow me to be even more “bankable” on the market and to be accepted for a specialized Master’s Degree in Finance.

After that, why not continue working in a dynamic company like Metis, or work in a larger group, where I would learn a new way of working. In the long term, ideally I’d like to open my own financial company, but before that I still have a lot to learn and experience to gain, in order to be better armed to work in this very competitive field.

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