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Julien Garrone, a very special events creator

Let’s take a closer look at Julien Garrone's story (Vatel Lyon 2010 graduate), his company (Eurosites Group Georges V) and his job (Assistant Operations Manager )...

Julien Garrone, a very special events creator

A 3,000 square meter office, roughly 33,000 square feet, with customizable space and natural lighting, located in the most prestigious business district in Paris.

This is Julien Garrone’s office, a Vatel Lyon 2010 graduate, who has worked for over two years now as the Assistant Operations Manager for Groupe Eurosites. Let’s take a closer look at his story, his company and his job.


Julien, can you give us some facts and figures about Groupe Eurosites?

Eurosites is present in Paris, Ile-de-France and in 37 cities. Our Group, which proposes 50 sites, 500 rooms and 5 auditoriums, reached 45 million euros of turnover in 2013 with two business lines: renting out space and catering for special events.

We work with three excellent caterers:

• SAINT Laurent, a 100% gourmet caterer
• TOUTBIO, the first 100% organic French caterer, certified by Ecocert®
• NOMAD, specialized in Food & Design.

Eurosites is well-known for its site management and will be expanding, with three new venues that will open by 2016.


Tell us a bit about the George V facility where you work.

Eurosites George V, both sophisticated and contemporary, has a 350 seat auditorium, 14 meeting rooms and a 450 square meter (over 4,800 square feet) reception room overlooking a beautiful interior garden.

In contact with our customers,

I carry out commercial, administrative and operational tasks while complying with our Group’s internal procedures,
I also make sure our events and meetings go seamlessly and follow them up,
I manage the operational departments: operations, catering, the audiovisual media technical department and engineering.


What are your next goals?

My Vatel final dissertation was on applying Yield Management in small and medium sized structures. I’d like to roll out Yield and Revenue Management in renting meeting rooms, training and special events venues, in Eurosites or in business travel OTA specialized company.


What memories do you have of the years you spent at Vatel?

I joined Vatel in parallel admission after I had obtained a vocational degree in Customer Relationship Negotiations. The idea I had was to mix my two years of sales experience with the passion I had about hospitality and tourism.

The three years that I spent at Vatel were all very different one from another.

With the Foundation year, I was introduced to the tourism and hospitality industry both theoretically and practically, during my internship in Vatel application structures. I learned how to become open-minded and think globally, develop my creativity and organizational sense.
In my second year, I learned how a manager thinks. And I transformed my know-how into knowing how to get things done!
My last year was more about reflecting and applying all these managerial rules to very specific tools, Yield Management and Revenue Management.  



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