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8th Vatel Group International Convention

The Vatel Manila Campus, which opened in 2007, hosted Vatel School Directors as well as members of Vatel Corporate, for their annual Convention.

8th Vatel Group International Convention

The Vatel Manila Campus, which opened in 2007, hosted Vatel School Directors as well as members of Vatel Corporate from April 26 through April 30, for their 8th International Convention. As is the case each year, they met in one of the 25 Campuses of the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality & Tourism Management, in order to discuss focal areas for upcoming years.  

A major event for Vatel

Geronio Ulayao, the Vatel Manila School Director, opened the doors to Group members of his School’s application hotel, which had been renovated for this occasion in a very contemporary style. The Welcome Dinner heralded the opening of three days of fruitful exchanges. This is what the Vatel Spirit is about: people with different nationalities and different cultures, who meet and share the same goal: preparing young generations of students to build their futures in Tourism and International Hospitality.

These annual conventions also give School Directors the opportunity to debate education related current events and to discuss the latest trends in the hotel and tourism markets. Feedback, new ideas and educational concepts that could possibly lead our teaching quality to improve in an international framework, were once again this year at the heart of the debates.


Benjamin Garcia appointed Vatel’s Academic Director

After the 7th International Convention that took place in 2013 in Martigny, Switzerland, the Group had decided to recruit an Academic Director. Benjamin Garcia, with experience both in education and international affairs, began his functions in December 2013, and was introduced to School Directors during this Convention. 

With a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law, Benjamin Garcia was the Project Officer in higher education for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also managed the French cooperation services network to set up the entrance exams for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In 2010, he began working with IDRAC Group, as their Head of Studies, where his duties included educational monitoring, teaching, management, and in the framework of International Development, coordination of international exchange programs.

In 2015, Vatel School Directors and Corporate Vatel members will meet again in Tel Aviv.





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