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A worldwide success for the Biennial

Are you wondering why Vatel has a partnership with the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial? The answer is in the international press.

A worldwide success for the Biennial

Media from all around the world are unanimous: the 13th edition of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial, of which Vatel is a partner, is a resounding success! Here are a few excerpts from articles published:

“With excellence and enthusiasm, these works invite the public to question themselves and imagine new relationships with the present.” Tendencias del mercado – Spain.

Ralph Rugoff organized this Biennial which showcased the potential contemporary art has, with some of its most remarkable artists.” Il Sole 24 – Italy.

“The Lyon Biennial, one of the largest ones in the entire world, brings together artists from 28 countries.” Harper’s Bazaar – Brazil.

“Suspense, pleasure and terror. Varied, rich, stimulating and political: the Lyon Biennial takes a look at contemporary life.”  Basler Zeitung - Christoph Heim, Switzerland.

“Doing everything to find new talent, this event in Lyon sparks the notion of modernity and focuses on artists from developing countries who wake up the Old Continent. It is generous, hospitable, sometimes even funny, lucid and often optimistic. If only ‘Modern Life’, which is its title, could actually be like that!” Le Monde - Harry Bellet, France.

“With the Lyon Biennial, we can see what tomorrow holds. This excellent exhibition reveals today’s wounds; its subject is a serious one, without however seeming to be depressing or pessimistic, and gives us hope that art has not yet lost its link with our daily lives.”  Art das Kunstmagazin – Germany.

“At the macLYON and the Sucriere, Ralph Rugoff brilliantly produced the huge gap between hope and deception. The impressive exhibition at the Sucriere is a dark one, though it allows us to have an optimist view towards the future.” Die Presse - Austria.

“The Lyon Biennial is one of the only ones at an international level which lets the general public host an international exhibition in their home town, thus promoting essential social ties. This highlights the wealth of this event, which is at the same time, well established in its region, as well as on the global world of art.” Le quotidien de l’art - Philippe Regnier, France

Main photo copyrights :  Biennial de Lyon© - Bac15 Veduta Ange Leccia


Hospitality and Contemporary Art

Omnipresent in 18th and 19th century private mansions, all types of art continue to grow, in 21st century luxury hotels: “Today, some luxury hotels have dedicated spaces where experienced artists, as well as emerging artists, can show their work. This is an ideal way to capitalize on the ever growing interest in contemporary art and integrate this into the total guest experience.”

Excerpt from Une nouvelle génération d’hôtels habités par l’art, [A new generation of hotels where art lives] Magazine Influencia. 

And you’re still wondering why Vatel has a partnership with the 13th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial?

Living and bath areas at the Vatel Hotel & Spa in Nimes, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s works.

 Vatel Nimes Suite

Vatel Nimes Bathroom

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